2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

I’m pretty excited for this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him. We have a lot of personal favorites in here that are completely husband approved… which also means he’s eyeing a ton of these things for himself. 

Let’s start right off the top with the Man Crate. This is a pretty cool concept. Each crate boasts a different theme from the Pizza Grilling Crates to Zombie Annihilation Crates, yep that’s right! If zombies decide to attack in 2017, your man will be prepped and ready to go, thanks to you! This gift will not disappoint. In fact, Adam’s father received one of their crates on Christmas from another family member and so the moment I start putting together this gift guide, I knew the Man Crate had to be apart of it!

If your man sports some high-fashion qualities rounded out by a serious amount of bad boy, then anything from Belstaff should immediately be part of his wardrobe. The Outlaw Jacket below is a Belstaff classic and also a key look for David Beckham’s character in his movie, Outlaw. It’s kind of biker style meets the streets of LA, and did I mention David Beckham wore it? Need I say more?

This next gift is a personal favorite, only because I already own one of his designs! The guy behind Shorebreak Designs has nothing but mad talent when it comes to sourcing beautiful woods from around California to make his multi-colored cutting boards or surfboard bottle openers, as seen below. For us, he built a beautiful coffee table, similar to the one seen here. It’s one of my most prized pieces of furniture I own now and I look forward to adding more in the years to come!

Last but not least, I HIGHLY recommend the book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. If you’ve never heard him speak, then you are truly missing out. Every business owner or leader should read one of his books and this is the one to start with. It really dives into the reason behind why certain individuals or businesses are more successful, more innovative and more commanding of their audience or customers attention than other companies or individuals. He addresses some tough issues and I could go on and on that you need to get this book, but instead, I recommend watching one of his talks just to see what I’m talking about.

Okay, just one more and then I promise I’m done. Those Wusthof Steak knives are the best knives we’ve ever own! Not only do they look stellar, but they cleanly slice through meat better than most knives I’ve ever used. For any guy that loves his Filet Mignon, then these are the knives he should be cutting it with!

Enjoy shopping! Happy almost Valentine’s Day everyone!

Man Crates  /  prices start at $29.99

Belstaff Citymaster Two-Toned Leather Messenger Bag  /  $1,295

Diesel Watch  /  $295

Belstaff Outlaw Leather Jacket  /  $1,491

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera  /  $179.99

Tom Ford ‘Tobacco Vanille’ All Over Body Spray  /  $67

Surfboard Bottle Opener  /  $50

Brooks England Piccadilly Leather Backpack  /  $370

Ox and Bull Trading Co. Paper Clip Money Holder  /  $25

Porsche Design ‘The Gravity One’ Bluetooth Speaker  /  $380

Malone Large Lapel Flower  /  $30.00

Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses  /  $500

Wusthof Four Star 8-pc Knife Set  /  $120  $49.99

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek  /  $15.14

‘The Carry-On’ with built-in USB device charger  /  $225 – $695

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2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him. From geeky tech to high-fashion apparel, we selected the best Valentine's Day gifts for your man! Find out more at designsofanykind.com

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