9 DIY Projects To Fall In Love With

I usually don’t decorate my house for Valentine’s Day, but these red hot DIY projects are about to change my ways.  I’m especially in love with the You + Me poster. I cannot wait to make this one for my husband and I.  It will fit perfectly in our office.  Let’s go get our craft on!



1. Fringed red hearts add the perfect touch of cuteness

2. This is the project I cannot wait to make! Fingerprints for me and my man!

3. True love is worth more than gold…gold string that is!



4. This bold backdrop is perfect, especially if you happen to be saying “I Do”.

5. I have a slight obsession with pillows, so these caught my eye and I couldn’t resist.

6. Disc Ball are awesome already, but a heart disco ball? I’m smitten!



7.  These cupcakes are crazy adorable with a cupid’s arrow!

8.  I’ve been really in love with the string art stuff lately, hence, another sting art project!

9. This heart project is incredibly stunning and begs to be left up many months after V-day!


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