Currently Loving // Bright White & Warm Wood

I’ve been in a mood to simplify lately, especially at home. We live in a somewhat small, 1 bedroom apartment and I’m getting a subtle feeling that the horrible, beige painted walls are starting to close in on me. In the two short years we’ve lived here, I’ve somehow filled my home with so many dark-colored decor items that it’s created a rather confined and dull energy in the house. My heart is longing to throw it all back in the dumpster, where I found it and start over – preferably with everything on this month’s lust list! Oh, and you did hear me right, I did say dumpster. With that, 2 things should be noted here:

  1. I have a bad habit of snagging things people leave by the trash or side of the road, cleaning it up and making it mine. To my knowledge, there is no cure for this disease, so I’m working on lovingly embracing it. In my defense, I have landed some pretty awesome things. A couch, a wine cooler, dressers, table, chairs, vases and a whole lot more. 
  2. All of these items I’ve scored have one thing in common. They are dark and not always in line with my style.

Therefore, just because it’s free, doesn’t mean I should put it in my home. I need to start being a bit more selective and really find the style and environment I want to cultivate in my home and if the dumpster finds actually match that style, then and only then should I welcome it with open arms. Which is why we are here folks, because I’ve been falling head over heels lately for all things bright and warm. I want my small apartment to feel airy and inviting and this combination of white & wood is exactly what my home needs.

Wood furnishings in a home lends strength, elegance, and approachability. It invites you in and begs you to stay for awhile. Wood has a warming effect, engulfing you in a feeling of calmness and stability. 

White gives us a feeling of perfection, purity, openness and creativity. It represents renewal and fresh beginnings. When wood finds itself in the presence of white, it offers a beautiful contrast while toning down white’s natural starkness. It’s the perfect marriage. Here are a few ways to bring bright whites & warm woods into your living space this month…


Currently Loving // Bright White & Warm Wood - We are crushing hard on everything white & wood for the home or office. It brings a reflective, creative, fresh and inviting energy that so many of us want in our lives.


1. Conway Baskets  $79.95 – $129.00 | by CB2 

2. Cuba Lounge Chair $790.00 | by Design Within Reach

3. Farmhouse Serving Plank $85.00 | by Magnolia 

4. Walnut Cake Stand $72.00 | by AHeirloom for FOOD52

5. Hank by Henry Chopsticks in white dash / walnut $35.00 | by Leifshop

6. Flashpoint Candle $58.00 | by Bluefly

7. Pineapple 1 Rectangular tray $55.00 | by Deb Haugen for Deny Designs

8. Eames® Wire Base Low Table Outdoor $1,528.00 – $1,628.00 | by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller® at Design Within Reach

9. Vintage Linen Pillow Case with Copper Zipper $160.00 | by FOOD52

10. 42 Pressed Roam Map – San Francisco $60.00 (comes in other cities) | by 42 Pressed for West Elm

11. Reality Hand Hook $75.00 | by Areaware for aha

12. Jackie Pedestal Round Dining Table in Wood/Rustic Mango/Grey Wash – Casual Elements $2,099.99 | by Target

13. Undercut White Vase $14.95 | by CB2

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