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I’m overflowing with excitement right now, friends! Adam and I are traveling back to Charleston at the end of the month!! Okay, let me rephrase this… I’m excited but at the same time uber stressed out about it, but then crazily excited again! Let me give you a quick back story and mainly why I’m so stressed out, haha!

About a month ago we received a letter from our storage unit in Charleston. They informed us that the business is going under construction and we need to move everything out. We’ve had this unit for the last 5 years. 5 YEARS! A very far cry from our initial intention of returning to Charleston after a 6-month hiatus to spend time with family in Minnesota and finally enjoy a Christmas with actual snow! 


Currently Loving | Charming Charleston | kitchenware | gift guide | home decor | southern ingredients | Shop these items at

As stated above, the plan to return never happened due to Adam taking a job out in California! Which is something I will never trade for the world. California is magical!

However, it’s been driving us a bit crazy paying that silly storage bill each month (which keeps rising by the way and was broken into a few years ago! I know, right!) But it was less painful than digging up thousands, in one sitting, to move it all back here! Which cracks me up when you really think about it. Over a span of 5 years, I could have paid for a moving company 3 times over, haha! Receiving that letter made it’s pretty clear that we couldn’t put it off any longer. So that is why I’m just slightly stressed. Less than a two-month notice to get everything together and pay for it has me pouring an extra glass of wine at night, haha! 


Currently Loving | Charming Charleston | kitchenware | gift guide | home decor | southern ingredients | Shop these items at

Currently Loving | Charming Charleston | kitchenware | gift guide | home decor | southern ingredients | Shop these items at

On the bright side, I’m going to be reunited with so many things I’ve missed throughout these 5 years! My cookbooks, my KitchenAid, the art I painted, the table Adam and his father refinished for me when we were dating, and so many wonderful memories we gathered throughout our lives. I’m overflowing with excitement! On top of that, I get to be back in Charleston! The anticipation of wandering the historic streets in South of Broad, eat so much great southern food, sit at the beach and watching the waves roll in, and most importantly, seeing friends that I haven’t seen in so long is making my heart ache with joy! I’m tearing up right now, just thinking about it.

So in celebration of returning to my home of 8 years, I’ve rounded up all of my favorite things that give me all of those charming Charleston feels. Items that embody the breathtaking architecture, warm weather, incredible food, and old-world charm.

We’ve included some amazing and very talented Charleston-grown companies that are doing incredible things. Check them out and buy all of their stuff! Supporting local businesses is so important, especially when they are as cool as the ones listed below.  


Currently Loving | Charming Charleston | kitchenware | gift guide | home decor | southern ingredients | Shop these items at

.01 Magnolia Pillow Cover $88  |  This Magnolia pattern perfectly embodies the Charleston landscape, especially when the Magnolia trees are in full bloom.  


.02 Large Pineapple Tumbler with Straw $99  |  Since the colonial days, the pineapple has held a deep significance for most Charlestonians. It can be found just about everywhere. 


.03 French Accent Chair Sale $374  |  When I think of any historic Charleston interiors, I picture a great deal of French and English influences. Is this not a perfect addition to a beautiful home South of Broad?


.04 Limited Edition Bike with Riviera Basket $598  |  People do a lot of biking around Charleston, especially at the beach. These charming beach-style cruisers are everything I remember of Charleston.  


.05 Lion Door Knocker in Burnished Antique $159.00  |  Spend an afternoon walking around South of Broad and you will quickly notice the unique door knockers adorning all of the different historic Charleston homes. 


.06 Pink Crepe Myrtle 36″ x 48″ $5,000  |  Artist Fred Jamar has been one of my favorites since his first show at the beautiful Robert Lange Studios. I love the playful, yet dramatic feel of his work. 


.07 Rewined Candles Sale $15-23  |  It’s cool to see companies get their start in Charleston and quickly find their way into stores across the nation. Make sure to check out their glassware as well. Great for sangria on the patio.


.08 Smithey Ironware Co. No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet $200  |  A well-crafted cast iron skillet is an essential tool in a cook’s kitchen. The Smithey’s polished surface is reminiscent of a handcrafted vintage skillets most modern-day skillets have failed to provide. This revival of historic design and function makes the Smithey an ideal non-stick surface that won’t experience heat loss as you cook your beautiful filet mignon. The result is a magazine-worthy seared crust and perfectly juicy interior. 


.09 Stono Feather Bow Tie $195  |  Brackish & Bell put an unexpected, handmade twist on the traditional bow tie with real partridge and pheasant feathers – giving you that truly exceptional, southern look. 


.10 Pineapple Studs $161  |  Statement earrings are a must for every Charleston Belle. These stylish pineapple earrings are the perfect southern touch during these summer months.


.11 Riley Stripe Tote $59  |  Charleston is a great walking city and if you visit you will find yourself doing a lot of it. A versatile bag that can easily transition from shopping at the Charleston City Market to soaking up some southern sun at Folly Beach is vital. 


.12 Elderflower Tonic $16  |  Nothing beats the southern heat like a refreshing gin and tonic. If you haven’t mixed up a drink using anything from Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., then you are definitely missing out! 


.13 Heritage $26.34  |  It’s safe to say that award-winning chef, Sean Brock, is an integral part of what makes the Charleston food scene so freaking good! This cookbook is loaded with beautiful photography and so many of his great recipes.


.14 Calhoun’s Straight Rye Whiskey $49  |  There’s nothing better than a good cigar and a smooth whiskey, served neat. If whiskey isn’t your thing, fear not, they offer a great selection of handcrafted spirits that will take your craft cocktail game to the next level.


.15 Stone Ground Grits $6.95 to $12  |  You cannot experience the true South without diving into a bowl of buttery, stone ground grits. These Geechie Boy Mill grits are some of the best out there.


.16 The Edisto Oyster Knife $325.00  |  We ate a lot of oysters while living in Charleston, like a LOT! Pearlz on East Bay Street was our go-to, but we also loved steaming our own oysters at home. Prying open fresh east coast oysters with this stunning and well-crafted oyster knife is a must for serious oyster lovers. 


.17 Melamine Dinner Plate $10  |  Charleston-based artist Lulie Wallace creates vivid floral designs using her signature color combinations. These melamine plates are perfect for a picnic on the beach or at the winery.

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