My Favorite Finds of July

I’ve been a bit quiet around here these last few weeks and I’m excited to get back at it with a new series called, “My Favorite Finds”. With our new little abode slowly coming together with decor and furniture (I stress the slowly part, haha) I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of my favorite items we found from the month prior. Hopefully you will find a few items you love for yourself in the process. Warning… there going to be a ton of clearance and sale stuff because clearly that’s my jam! 

Oh, and for these last two weeks I’ve been absent… I helped a dear friend with all of the flowers for a really big wedding that took about 4 full days to prepare. Sadly, the first day of flower prep was turned upside down with the loss of one of her best friends and honestly a friend to me as well! It’s hard to be preparing for such a joyous occasion when a huge time of heartbreak is going on at the same moment. In the end, the wedding was stunning! A few days later we created another round of flower arrangements to lay the sweetest soul on earth to rest. Take a look at the prettiest chair covers and linens you can use on your own wedding. Friends, life is beautiful and wonderful, but it’s also fragile, so hugs those around you and cherish each moment with them! Our friend Sue will forever be missed!

As all of this was going on my middle brother closed on his first ever home!! We are so excited for him, but this little place is in need of some serious work which we started the moment the papers were signed. We tore out all of the landscaping and demoed the entire basement because of some serious water damage going on! Excited to show the before and after photos once things get to a decent place!

That about sums up my crazy little life lately. I keep hoping one day things will slow down, but it’s yet to ever happen, haha! Here’s to hoping though! Keep reading to see some of my favorite finds for the month of July…



Acapulco Lounge Chair

The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” truly applies here. At first glance, it’s easy to think that there’s no way these chairs can possibly be comfortable; they look so odd, haha! Despite their strange appearance, these are honestly the most amazing chairs ever! They’ve quickly become our go-to spot the moment the sun begins to set in the distance. A glass of wine and the pups in our laps is pure heaven for me! I could easily fall asleep in these chairs! I’m counting down the days until fall is here so that I can snuggle up in a cozy blanket, with a good book and a glass of wine. These chairs are so worth it!

These Acapulco Lounge Chairs were purchased at Home Goods for a steal! However, there are a few other retailers that offer similar styles. 

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Faux Monstera Leaf

I’ve been wanting a few palms to finish off our farmhouse table for the longest time, however finding realistic looking faux palms are not as easy as I had thought. Luckily CB2 came to the rescue with these awesome Monstera palm leaves. We purchased the smaller of the two sizes, but I would love to find a place for the bigger version! They also have a few other palm styles, so if you are in the market, I would highly recommend heading there!

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Farmer’s Market Basket

My dream life would be to live in Europe and spend every moment possible wandering the endless supply of fresh produce and goods at the countless farmer’s markets around every corner! Since the possibilty of such a dream taking place any time soon, I’m okay with settling for the perfect Farmer’s Market Basket to take along with me to the few markets we have here in Minnesota. Apart from farmer’s market jaunts, this basket is my go to for all of our running around, trips to the beach, picnics, or visiting family with the pups (they may be small, but they have a lot of stuff!) 

I discovered these beautiful, fair trade baskets at a local festival and immediately wanted every single one! They are made by artisan women in Madagascar that currently live in poverty but are working to create a better life for their families. Theresa Fenn is the owner of this local Minnesota boutique that’s working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of these women. She is honestly just the sweetest person you will ever meet! 

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White Concrete Planters

These were actually a purchase made in June, but I figured I would include them as I usually get asked where to buy nice planters/pots at a really great price. Hands down, my go to for planters is Home Goods! At the start of each season they have a ton of options to choose from but they tend to go relatively fast. This year I noticed that they actually stocked up at a few of the stores near me, so thankfully there are still a few to choose from. Since I can’t link to the actual pots, I’m linking to another option.

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Wall Baskets

At the Mall of America (yes, embarrassingly enough this story begins at MOA), there’s a mexican restaurant with this huge wall full of African coil baskets. As we sat there sipping on margaritas I begged Adam to let us make a similar wall for our entryway. Being the awesome husband he is, he said yes and we set out on a hunt for similar baskets.

YEAAAAAHHH, so apparently filling a wall as big as ours was a really expensive project! I stopped after three small baskets cost me $75. Luckily I discovered these huge baskets at (again) Home Goods. They currently hang on the wall by our kitchen and I love glancing up at them while I cook. Eventually I want to add in some of the African coil baskets to create a bigger display, but that’s a project for later. I’m linking to similar baskets that include some incredible African coil baskets.

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Chunky Jute Accent Rug

We had zero rugs moving into our new place and the reason for this is that our two tiny dogs think that they are the perfect alternative to going outside to do their “business”. I love my dogs, but lord help me! With wood floors everywhere, we had no choice but to take a chance and find some durable, but inexpensive options.

I love the way these jute rugs feel on your feet… it’s like a mini massage every time you walk on them, haha! We went with the white colored option and they look great on our darker colored floors. In our bedroom is the 4’x6′ to avoid wear and tear on the new carpets and a long 12′ runner in the entryway. The only negative part of these rugs is that they do shed a bit of the fibers. I’m hoping as they get broken in, this will stop.

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3-Piece White Loom Planter Set

My obsession with these matte white stoneware planters is pretty serious! I’m about ready to pick up my 3rd set of these planter for some more succulents I found at Trader Joes the other day. My succulent obsession is also getting out of hand as well, haha! 

I love their modern-simplicity and the fact that they only cost $14.95 for all 3! Honestly, I’m starting to run out of shelving space for all of my planters/plants. Looks like I may need to make that next months favorite find!

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