Just Tasted // 2012 3Spells Napa Valley Rosé

I let out a mortified shriek the night my husband accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle of rosé wine and opened it in from of my eyes, without even looking at the bottle. I had been saving my last precious bottle of 3 Spells rosé wine for a nice evening and a much anticipated blog post, and he’d opened it without even knowing. Luckily, there’s never a better time than in the here-and-now to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine. We laughed it off and I immediately grabbed my camera and went to work.

I’ve fallen madly in love with the Spelletich Family Wines. Their 3Spells Napa Valley Róse wine is one of my favorites and I cannot get enough of it. I have my Aunt and Uncle to thank for this. They were the ones who introduced me to this stellar winery, and on top of that, surprised me with half-case of whatever wine I wanted from their portfolio. Best birthday gift ever! Seeing as I’m a rose-obsessed freak, the choice was easy. “I will take 6 bottles of your 3 Spells rose, please,” as I’m jumping up and down in crazy excitement… I’m pretty sure there was a squeal in there as well.

Just Tasted | 2012 3Spells Napa Valley Rosé | Designs of Any Kind

A few thoughts about the Winery

We had a great time at the Spelletich tasting room. This place was not one of the traditional and breathtaking vineyards we’ve been to in the past, as it was tucked away in a warehouse/ business development on the outskirts of Napa. I’m pretty sure the UPS shipping warehouse was only a few buildings away. But location does not stop this family of powerhouse winemakers from putting together some incredible wines in their barrel room of epic proportions. While there we got the opportunity to hang out in their barrel room and doing a barrel tasting or two, watch as one of their wine guys filtered the juice from one barrel to the next and taste their whole portfolio of wines. I still can’t believe these are the things I get to do in my life, now that I live in California. I’m so blessed! I would like to say that I have some photos to show you from this great day, but of course, if luck would have it I somehow misplaced the photos I took while there. WHY!!!!???

Kristen Spelletich, was our host during our time there. She is fabulous and she doesn’t mess around with her wines. She really knows what she doing and I absolutely digged her for her say-it-like-it-is personality, her slight sailor mouth and badass tattoos.  I love that in a person. Wine can be so pretentious. People, especially the newest generation of wine drinkers, tend to get scared off, simply because we make it so complicated and unapproachable. People like her making it fun again, transparent and something we all can relate to. That’s the way it should be.

Tasting Notes

So, after all of that, let’s get down to why we are all here… the wine that we accidentally opened – the 2012 3Spells Napa Valley Rosé Wine.  It’s exactly what rosé should be – refreshing and light for these hot summery days. I love the crisp acidity with a slight hint of sweet fruit; mainly strawberry and apricot. Honeysuckle and vanilla hit the nose as well. I love a wine with a floral aspect to it. There’s something elegant about that characteristic. You almost forget to drink the wine because all you want to do is stick your nose deep in the glass and soak in the soft scent for hours. Yes, I probably just freaked half of you out and the rest of you probably fear for my mental wellbeing, but I can’t help it. Rosés smell amazing.

Food Pairing

Rose is a pretty food friendly wine. You can pair it with just about anything from chopped salads, grilled chicken, shellfish, Thai food to Indian food.  You really can’t go wrong with this wine, especially for the price. $16 people!!! Order a case. Heck, just order two, because you will want to drink it all of the time. Especially on these hot summer days when all we want to do is escape to the pool and cool off, or watch the sun set as we relax on our decks. This wine makes every one of those moments that much better!


Just Tasted | 2012 3Spells Napa Valley Rosé | Designs of Any Kind

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