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I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to finally crack open my last bottle of this delicious and rather lively Rose from Big Basin Vineyards! It’s been staring at me from my cooler for some time now. However, I’ve held back any temptation to break the seal, until I had a moment to sit down, forget the world around me and actually enjoy a glass of wine.

I’m awful about these things. I usually drink a glass of wine while I work at night, but end up getting so focused on the job at hand. Before I know it, that glass (or at times the bottle – shared with my husband, of course) is gone and I didn’t even give it one mindful thought. Since this bottle was one of the last roses Big Basin Vineyards had on hand, I wanted to really take it all in; savoring every last drop!


2013 Big Basin GSM Rose - By far one of my favorite roses on this planet! | designsofanykind.com

Luckily, for those of you who may be freaking out at the thought that this rose is no longer available, don’t you worry your pretty little self! Though some patience is required, I do know that they will be releasing the next vintage very soon. I promise, it’s really worth the wait! But, when they do release this delightful bottle, I recommend a case. It’s a limited production, so it will go fast.

Before we dive into the wine itself, let’s talk about this label for a moment – a little psychedelic right? This label, along with a few other labels from Big Basin Vineyards, have been designed by Matt Jones, who has a strong presence in Santa Cruz, CA. Some of his larger works can also be found hanging in the Big Basin Tasting Room, in downtown Saratoga. Though it’s not quite something I would hang on my wall, it is a unique concept. A sort of 3D visual, that gives way to a hidden image when viewed with special glasses. I wonder if he paints with these glasses on, to get the full visual effect?


2013 Big Basin GSM Rose - By far one of my favorite roses on this planet! | designsofanykind.com

I’m finding myself loving the bigger-bodied roses these days; especially for the winter months. The Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre (aka, GSM) grapes add amazing structure to this wine. It finishes quite dry, with a tart acidity that I’m absolutely in love with! If you slowly twirl the wine, then stick your nose deep into the glass, you get deep hint of strawberries and bananas with a touch of vanilla. Strange, I know, but I couldn’t get that combo out of my head. There’s also a touch of orange-rind hanging out somewhere in there. I’m not sure if you can properly say this, but the scent of this wine is rather refreshing and the taste is even more so.


2013 Big Basin GSM Rose - By far one of my favorite roses on this planet! | designsofanykind.com

The palate boasts of dried strawberries and Meyer lemons. I also get a faint sour apple taste – similar to that of a jolly rancher. Even though it’s a rather dry, crisp wine, the flavors sound elusively sweet. In my husbands words, this wine is like “a Sunday afternoon with an attitude!” Not sure exactly what that means, but I like it, so I’m stealing the phrase.

One thing to note about this wine was that I actually opened the bottle up 4 or so days before I had a chance to taste it. The first day was to take photos (of course, I had a glass then), but then client work drew me away. With a few tears, I carefully recorked the bottle and put it away. I can’t tell you how great of a move that was. Though the first glass was wonderful, the bottle days later was outstanding! It literally opened up and blossomed into this complex, rich bottle of goodness! Most wines will usually fall flat when left open for an extended period, but this little guy stood the test of time! I’m so proud of you Big Basin Rose!

Now please, please release the next vintage, Big Basin Vineyards, so that I can stock up! This glass won’t last long!


2013 Big Basin GSM Rose - By far one of my favorite roses on this planet! | designsofanykind.com

2013 Big Basin GSM Rose – 33% Grenache, 58% Syrah, and 9% Mourvedre

Nose: Strawberry, banana, vanilla, orange rind

Palate: dried strawberries, hint of citrus – especially Meyer lemon, sour apple, tart finish

Foods to pair: light pasta dishes, seafood, salads, paella, grilled chicken, fish or lamb with herbs, duck, brie or goat cheese


Big Basin Tasting Room
14598 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070
(408) 564-7346

Thurs-Mon, noon – 5pm
Fri-Sat, noon – 7pm


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