Motivation Mondays // Today is a brand new day

Happy Monday!

I love this quote, for the fact, that it’s a perfect reminder that your story is never over! So many of us fall prey to the regrets of the past, I know I do! The people we’ve hurt, the things we’ve said, the things we wish we’d done, the times we’ve failed or even the things that were done to us. How many of us say to ourselves, if only I could go back and redo a certain moment in our lives, things would be different? We let our past dictate our future, and in turn, stifle our potential.

Today is the best day to forgive yourself of the past, to wipe the slate clean and start again. I don’t care if you are 82 or 23, today is your fresh start! It’s never too late to be bold, step away from your comfort zone, and choose to make the rest of your life the most amazing one it can be. 


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