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Just Tasted | 2013 Big Basin GSM Rose

I cannot tell you how excited I’ve been to finally crack open my last bottle of this delicious and rather lively Rose from Big Basin Vineyards! It’s been staring at me from my cooler for some time now. However, I’ve held back any temptation to break the seal, until I had a moment to sit down, forget the world around me and actually enjoy a glass of wine. I’m awful

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Just Tasted // 2013 Brian’s Syrah Pigoni Ranch Vineyard

The weather has been absolutely magnificent these last few weeks, which means our deck has been our favorite place to relax and enjoy the evening after a long day of work. On one of these wonderful evenings we decided to pop open a lovely little bottle we picked up from Byington Vineyards on our usual weekend “vineyard hopping”. I never thought I would actually put those two word together, let alone

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Just Tasted : 2013 Pierce Vineyards Albarino

On one of our most recent weekend getaways, we found ourselves exploring Monterey Bay, CA. While strolling around Cannery Row, we came upon this great little tasting room for Pierce Vineyards. Of course we couldn’t say no, so we headed on in. What sets this vineyard apart from the normal California vineyards is that they specialize in grapes commonly grown in Chile, Spain and Argentina. One of the bottles we

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