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15 Baking Tools I Cannot Live Without

How is it already October, friends?! This year has been flying by, not to mention the last month or so. I’ve been absolutely negligent here on Designs of Any Kind and hopefully things will start slowing down in the next few weeks so that I can finally focus on bringing you some creative and delicious things before the clock strikes 2019! A few months ago I did a post about

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Salted Nutella Nutter Butter Cookies

I’m excited to share this Salted Nutella Nutter Butte cookie recipe with you today as it’s one I’ve been making for a seriously long time! Well, a rendition of these cookies to be exact, but I’m loving the addition of Nutella and fleur de sel so much better that I regret not doing it way back when! All this reminiscent talk requires a small story to explain a little bit about these

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Dark Chocolate Scones with Salted Butterscotch Caramel

I’ve found myself on a dark chocolate kick lately! I want to try it in everything and indulge in the rich deep flavors and complexity it adds to a dish, and of course to desserts! For some time now, I’ve been spying the Hershey’s “Special Dark” cocoa powder popping up in various recipes, like this one here. After my usual amount of procrastination, I finally decided to go grab a

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