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Cedar Plank Steelhead Trout with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

If you haven’t grilled with a cedar plank yet, then today is the day you need to make it happen, and this is the recipe to do it with! The cedar plank imparts this woodsy, smoky flavor, while the sesame-dill seasoning adds zing. The roasted red pepper sauce is it’s spicy, yummy companion and together everything tastes so incredible! We recently made this recipe for one of our family grill

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The Hot Brie Melt Sandwich

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day everyone! I will never fully understand how all of these random holidays came to be. However, anything that celebrates melted cheese + carbs is completely fine with me, and absolutely worth celebrating! We are coming at you with a fun grilled cheese sandwich oozing with deliciously melted brie, vine ripe tomatoes, applewood smoked ham, and fresh basil. To bring some sweet heat, we’ve also added

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