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Herbed Tomato Galette

4th of July is one of my FAVORITE holidays! I have so many wonderful memories surrounding this yearly celebration that includes time spent with friends and family, cooking up delicious food over a hot barbecue, sticky summer weather, etching wild designs in the air with shimmery sparklers as the sun sets, and a glorious firework show to end the night.   As I get older, the excitement surrounding 4th of

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How to Have an Impromptu Summer Picnic in Style

Where has the summer gone? It’s already mid-July and I feel like I’ve barely taken advantage of these blissful summer days. Don’t you just hate that? You look forward to these magical days all winter long – the list of things you want to see and do is seriously a mile long. Yet actually accomplishing all of them never seems to happen. To make up for this, I usually tell myself

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Al Fresco Wine and Cheese Dinner Party

For me, summer is at it’s best when I’m outside in our backyard surrounded by friends and family, feasting on a simple, yet incredible meal. The wine is refreshing and flowing, the music is setting the perfect mood, a bonfire is crackling in the distance for late night smores, and the sun slowly melting away as we laugh into the night. It’s magical!  The beauty about Al Fresco dining is that

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