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Currently Loving // Curing the Winter Blues

  “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” Paul Theroux   It happens every year. The moment the beauty, excitement and wondrous feelings of the holidays come to a close, winter smacks you straight in the face! It’s not the magical “dreaming of a white Christmas” type of winter, where the first snowfall of the season is the best thing to ever happen. Where everyone is happy, bright and ready

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Top 12 Cookbooks I Cannot Live Without

Is it wrong to hoard cookbooks? At what point should I consider it a problem, because I’m pretty sure I have a LOT of cookbooks. Well, let me rephrase that – I HAD a lot of cookbooks over the years. However, moving as often as we do, it’s been rather hard to keep up with my cookbook hoarding tendencies. Having to whittle down my library with each move has not

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