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10 Swanky Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

In a few days we will be ringing a brand, spanking new 2017! I’m excited for this new year! Honestly, I’m excited for every new year, because it’s a time to renew and reset. I’ve never been a great typical resolution setter, as I learned early on that keeping them lasted about a week. But a new year brings a new energy and a new hope. To improve upon the great

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12 Last-Minute DIYs for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Like most things in my life, I always find myself running behind – especially when it comes to the holidays. You look away for two seconds and the next holiday is only moments away and you are no where near ready! Now I know most of you are probably far more organized than I am, but for the rest of us, here are a few last minute ideas to DIY your way

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