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Chocolate Lavender Truffle Cake

It’s safe to say that I’ve been on a chocolate cake kick lately! Which seems rather counterproductive when most of us are attempting to follow through on our New Year’s resolution to get in shape and eat healthy. But with Valentine’s Day only a week away how can you not indulge in a little chocolate to celebrate this lovestruck holiday? Especially when that chocolate comes in a pint-sized cake meant for

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Lavender Blackberry Mojito

We’re at it again with another wildly yummy recipe using my new favorite flower, Lavender! This plant is utterly dreamy and experimenting various ways to cook with it has been rather addictive! This time we decided to try out our “craft cocktail skills” and whip up a delicate, floral meets in-your-face blackberry and mint mojito. I want to try this combo out on just about everything! Can you imagine a

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Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon Roasted Chicken

For weeks now, I’ve been eyeing the progress of my sweet little lavender plant. Checking and waiting. Then checking and waiting some more. When that final moment came and their delicate blooms vibrantly showed their faces, I lovingly picked away as many as could be spared and threw them into the insides of a chicken. I never knew just how amazing lavender could taste until I paired it with some rosemary, lemon and

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