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Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon Roasted Chicken

For weeks now, I’ve been eyeing the progress of my sweet little lavender plant. Checking and waiting. Then checking and waiting some more. When that final moment came and their delicate blooms vibrantly showed their faces, I lovingly picked away as many as could be spared and threw them into the insides of a chicken. I never knew just how amazing lavender could taste until I paired it with some rosemary, lemon and

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Prosciutto and Salami Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Pan Sauce

Wow, where has this year gone to? It’s officially December and the year is coming to an end! While I’m excited for 2016 (we have some fun plans, as well as goals, in the works for the new year), I’m doing my best to take a few moments to enjoy what’s probably one of my favorite times of the year! With all of the crazy holiday parties, shopping and just plain

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