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Eat the Seasons // March 2017

The weather here in Minnesota is giving me some serious emotional whiplash, friends! Going on about two months strong and I’m pretty sure some deep intense therapy will be needed after our first winter back in the Midwest. I thought I suffered from being bipolar, but this weather is clearly proving me wrong, haha! Whew, sorry! Had to get that off my shoulders a bit! But I’ve been assured that

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Meyer Lemon Limoncello

Limoncello is truly the liquid of the gods. I’m convinced of it! The lemony, sweetness awakens your senses and somehow soothes the soul. Half way into the sip you’re smacked with a heavy punch of alcohol leaving you momentarily breathless. It’s a lovely thing. My first attempt at making Limoncello was a few months before our wedding. My husband’s family is Italian, so I really wanted something unique from Italy for everyone

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