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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pork Belly & Mushrooms

Anyone else love brussel sprouts as much as I do? They get such a bad rap, but I find them to be incredible, super healthy, and ultra delicious when roasted to a caramelized crispness. Despite their health benefits, I couldn’t resist tossing that option out the door and adding in some yummy chunks of pork belly to take this easy-to-make, “one pan” side dish up about ten notches and my cholesterol up

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Sriracha Lime Chicken Skillet

In our house, we usually eat chicken 3-4 nights a week. I like that it’s easy to cook, healthy and a great source of protein for my husband. I say this, because at the beginning of 2015 he starting weightlifting and trying to eating better, which is fantastic for me! What girl doesn’t love a buff guy?  However, you can only eat chicken so many times before it becomes redundant

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