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Honey Nut Squash and Pear Bisque

Wow, guys! It’s been awhile, huh? I swear I have a good excuse for my absence lately. It just happens that Adam and I have been moving. Ugh, I feel like my life has been endless moments of moving from one place to the next, but in all honesty, I love it! I find that staying in one place for too long makes me feel stagnant. It’s refreshing to change

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Rustic Vanilla-Pear Galette

There’s something wonderful about fall-inspired pastries. All I want to do is sit by a warm fire, wrapped up in a cozy blanket while enjoying a great late harvest Riesling and this rustic, fragrant Vanilla-Pear Galette. The delicate and flaky crust perfectly surrounds ripe pears soaked in a lightly sweet vanilla syrup. Yep, the whole thing is crazy amazing! These galettes are really easy to make, but do require a bit

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Pear & Rosemary Martini

This lovely story begins one day as I was wandering the wine store of Trader Joe’s. I say “wine store”, because for some crazy reason, Minnesota does not allow the sale of alcohol with any food products. Therefore, shopping for dinner and grabbing wine has to be done in two transactions – in two different stores. I know, it’s crazy to any of you that live in states where everything

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