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Stuffed Bourbon Mustard Pork Belly with Tangy Pears

If you’ve never had pork belly before and you’re a serious fan of bacon, then you will instantly fall in love with this tender and extremely flavorful cut of meat! Pork belly is so rich, and let’s be honest, it’s basically uncut bacon anyway so a small slice per person is all you need, which means you’ve got a decadent meal to feed a large crowd. This is indulgence in

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Eat the Seasons | November

I have a huge love affair with November and the fall weather! I look forward to soft, cozy sweaters, the leaves turning a deep amber, relaxing with a glass of wine by the fire, Thanksgiving with my family, and comfort foods full of warm spices, hearty flavors and delicious winter vegetables. This time of the year is perfect and magical! As the days become increasingly colder and surprisingly wet here

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