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One Flaky Pie Crust, Three Traditional Thanksgiving Pies

There’s something about sitting down wih a big slice of homemade pie, after you’ve feasted on stuffing and turkey, that makes Thanksgiving feel complete. I know in my family, pie has been the staple to a traditional, homecooked Thanksgiving meal. We always make sure to save a little room for it, no matter how stuffed we feel.  Today we are sharing three of our favorite Thanksgiving pies all made using

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Pate Brisee – The Best Base for Tarts, Quiches or Pies

If you love making tarts, pies, quiche or galettes, then learning to make a delicate, flaky, pate brisee is a staple for your culinary adventures. The ingredients are incredibly simple and the possibilities for what you can do with your pate brisee dough are endless.  One huge thing to keep in mind when crafting your delicate, flaky dough is not to over mix this dough, EVER!