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Grilled Potato Salad with Leek + Jalapeño Vinaigrette

The best time to celebrate is whenever you can… but it’s even better when you have an extended weekend, a handful of warm days left to spend by the pool and plenty of propane in the gas tank. That means, if you are not a die-hard midwesterner finding ways to grill, despite an insane snow storm, the legit days of summer are coming to an end. My heart is breaking!  Yes, if you

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Eat The Seasons // July

I love July! The weather is perfect, it’s great beach weather, and you are guaranteed to find the “motherload” of fresh fruits and veggies in the stores and farmer’s markets. Over the years my family and I have a tradition of going to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market on the weekends to check out what’s new and fresh, then complete the morning with a “fully-loaded” brat at one of the stands. Yes, it’s not

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