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Kale, Sun-dried Tomato and Chorizo Quiche with a Cornmeal Crust

Call me a tad crazy, but it’s taken me almost 8 years to come to terms with ever making quiche again. You are probably asking yourself, “what the heck is wrong with this girl, quiche is fantastic!” Oh, don’t worry! I’m very familiar with the amazing, rich flavors of a good quiche surrounded by a light, flaky crust. How heavenly it is to eat it straight from the warmth of an oven, especially

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Pate Brisee – The Best Base for Tarts, Quiches or Pies

If you love making tarts, pies, quiche or galettes, then learning to make a delicate, flaky, pate brisee is a staple for your culinary adventures. The ingredients are incredibly simple and the possibilities for what you can do with your pate brisee dough are endless.  One huge thing to keep in mind when crafting your delicate, flaky dough is not to over mix this dough, EVER!