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Top 12 Cookbooks I Cannot Live Without

Is it wrong to hoard cookbooks? At what point should I consider it a problem, because I’m pretty sure I have a LOT of cookbooks. Well, let me rephrase that – I HAD a lot of cookbooks over the years. However, moving as often as we do, it’s been rather hard to keep up with my cookbook hoarding tendencies. Having to whittle down my library with each move has not

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Designs of Any Kind’s Guide to a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Our countdown to Thanksgiving has officially arrived. It’s Thanksgiving week and the true work of shopping and actually preparing all of the recipes you’ve gathered has officially started. Yay!  And if you are one of us that’s a bit behind and still not sure what to put on the Thanksgiving table, then we have you covered! We’ve put together our ultimate traditional Thanksgiving dinner so you can still wow your guests and

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Mint Julep Goodness!

If you’ve ever spent time in the South, chances are you’ve watched the Kentucky Derby on TV, been there yourself or have friends that wait for this race all year long. To those of you familiar with the Derby, know just how wild and festive it is. An event where the southern belle (or gentlemen) in all of us comes out in full force. True “Derby” fashion is nothing without the exotic

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