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Recent Eats | Morimoto Napa

The first one down, yet a rather long list still to go! I’m wildly excited to be crossing off Morimoto Napa from my Bay Area + San Francisco Restaurant Lust List. Talk about a highly anticipated restaurant I’ve had my eye on since culinary school.  I’m a huge fan of Chef Masahuru Morimoto since day one; not because he was on the show, Iron Chef, but for his experience working under the chefs at Nobu. It’s

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5 reasons to visit Treasure Island

I have no idea why it’s taken me a year and a half to experience this creepy, yet ABSOLUTELY wonderful, man-made island, strangely called Treasure Island. Is there really treasure there? Really? None the less, this little island has come up in random conversations and various google searches as I discover more about the Bay Area. Yet, I’ve found very little desire to venture out and see what this place is really about. That

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