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8 Rosé Wines to Drink This Summer

This Saturday is National Rosé Day – a holiday that is quite possibly one of my top favorites when it comes to fun, quirky holidays. By the way, when did we acquire so many random holidays and what in the world is Tin Can Day (Jan 19th?) I’m all about any excuse to celebrate, but some of these seem a bit overkill, haha. Nonetheless, a holiday that celebrates wine, is

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Just Tasted // 2016 Meadowcroft Rosé of Malbec Clements Hill

When summertime arrives with its sweltering heat and frizzy hair creating humidity, I immediately start stockpiling rosé wine like it’s nobody’s business! All of the “rosé all day” stuff they have out there on t-shirts, hats, bags… well, that’s for me people, because if it didn’t deem me an immediate alcoholic, I would be sipping on rosé from the moment I wake up, until bedtime. It is quite possibly my

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Just Tasted // 2012 3Spells Napa Valley Rosé

I let out a mortified shriek the night my husband accidentally grabbed the wrong bottle of rosé wine and opened it in from of my eyes, without even looking at the bottle. I had been saving my last precious bottle of 3 Spells rosé wine for a nice evening and a much anticipated blog post, and he’d opened it without even knowing. Luckily, there’s never a better time than in

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