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Roasted Winter Squash Salad with Sage-Honey Vinaigrette

I remember growing up and getting so excited when my mom decided to make us all roasted squash for dinner. Her version usually included a lot of butter, a simple halved squash, and honey drizzled all over it… oh and some cinnamon. Cinnamon was always the cherry on the top. It would roast in the oven for what seems like an eternity until the honey and butter had caramelized and

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Bacon & Goat Cheese Pork Tenderloin

Let’s be honest. There’s bacon involved and that’s all you need to know! Bacon makes everything taste delightful and happy.  I apologize to all you’ve vegans and vegetarians out there, but I could eat bacon every day.  But I don’t – because well, let’s face it… it’s just not that healthy.  On top of this delightful bacon, we’ve added another life staple – goat cheese. Yep, this dish was created just for

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