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Currently Loving // Falling for Fall

The wonderful and magically season we call Fall is here and I’m over the moon! With it brings a soft crispness in the air, leaves that turn brilliant shades of copper and golden sunshine, a wardrobe full of thick sweaters to snuggle up in and juicy apples ripe for the picking. Gone are lazy days soaking up the sun at the beach and weekend barbecues with friends and family. However,

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Currently Loving // Charming Charleston

I’m overflowing with excitement right now, friends! Adam and I are traveling back to Charleston at the end of the month!! Okay, let me rephrase this… I’m excited but at the same time uber stressed out about it, but then crazily excited again! Let me give you a quick back story and mainly why I’m so stressed out, haha! About a month ago we received a letter from our storage unit

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