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Currently Loving // Coming in Hot

Currently loving this weather’s steady stream of sunshine and vitamin D. Let me restate that – loving last week’s steady stream of sunshine and vitamin D. This week we’ve experienced clouds, rain, and SNOW! Yep, snow in April! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen the beautiful photos of the short-lived snowstorm we had on Monday. By midday, they were pretty much non-existant and the sun actually showed its

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2017 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

I’m pretty excited for this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him. We have a lot of personal favorites in here that are completely husband approved… which also means he’s eyeing a ton of these things for himself.  Let’s start right off the top with the Man Crate. This is a pretty cool concept. Each crate boasts a different theme from the Pizza Grilling Crates to Zombie Annihilation Crates, yep that’s right! If

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