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Caramel Apple Tart with a Cornmeal Cheddar Crust

October is all about warmth, comfort and “nesting”, wouldn’t you agree? I find myself craving warm soups like nobodies business and dusting off my far too large collection of winter scarves, that I’ve had packed away all summer long. I pull out the big blankets and look forward to movie nights when I can burrow under them with a glass of wine and finally relax. My days are filled with

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Coconut and Dark Chocolate Tart with Ginger Caramel (GF)

This Coconut and Dark Chocolate Tart has proven to be a moment of character building for me, haha. Well, not one those moments that make you question everything about yourself, but this recipe has shown me the importance of persistence! There’s a quote by Winston Churchill that says, “I’ve never failed at anything in life. I was simply given another chance or opportunity to get it right.” It’s a quote

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Blood Orange-Chocolate Tartlets with Sweet Meringue

It’s that time of the season when I have blood oranges on my mind – like nonstop! Unfortunately, it’s been rather crazy lately with birthdays, a trip to vegas (for a birthday), trying to get ready for that amazing trip, spending as much time with two of our friends before they leave us for Georgia (my hearts is breaking), fighting off the flu between Adam and I, and of course work.

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Pate Brisee – The Best Base for Tarts, Quiches or Pies

If you love making tarts, pies, quiche or galettes, then learning to make a delicate, flaky, pate brisee is a staple for your culinary adventures. The ingredients are incredibly simple and the possibilities for what you can do with your pate brisee dough are endless.  One huge thing to keep in mind when crafting your delicate, flaky dough is not to over mix this dough, EVER!