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Our Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

We officially made it! After 5 really long years away from Charleston, South Carolina we finally made the trip back and my heart is so happy! Unfortunately, the circumstantial reasons behind the trip were incredibly unexpected. We can thank our storage unit in James Island, SC for that… I will hold off on the negative rant as I don’t want to dampen the excitement I have that we finally went

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My Travel Checklist for a Great Road Trip

When I think of road trips, my heart skips a few beats. It’s all for good reasons because I love a great road trip! The thrill of waking at the crack of dawn, silently packing the car to avoid waking the neighbors. Signaling to the dogs that they are actually getting to join us on this journey – Bella hates driving in cars and only wants to be at the

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My Birthday Weekend

Getting older can be a little bit daunting, but luckily I have some amazing friends, family, and the BEST husband in the world, who made my birthday really special! Oh, and my dad sent me two stellar bottles of wine… that guy totally gets me! You are the best, dad!!!! Our adventure started out Saturday morning when we road-tripped it up to Sonoma, CA. I’m really starting to appreciate Sonoma. Though, Napa

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