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Tuna Crudo with Mangos + Citrus-Chile Ice

My love affair with raw fish, mainly sushi and sashimi, took most of my teenage years to develop. I found it to be revolting and could not understand why anyone would ever consider such things delicious. But can you blame me? At the time, sushi was not readily available or understood in the midwest as it is today. I can easily count on one hand how many restaurants offered sushi

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Nobu’s New Style Sashimi

If you were to ask me what my end-of-the-world final meal would be, New Style Sashimi is definitely be one of my top 5. It’s so simple, but packed with great flavor and oh so fresh. I first discover New Style Sashimi when my uncle gave me Nobu Matsuhisa’s cookbook for Christmas, way back in the day. I can easily say this is one of my most cherish cookbooks on my shelf and

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