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Eat the Seasons // March 2017

The weather here in Minnesota is giving me some serious emotional whiplash, friends! Going on about two months strong and I’m pretty sure some deep intense therapy will be needed after our first winter back in the Midwest. I thought I suffered from being bipolar, but this weather is clearly proving me wrong, haha! Whew, sorry! Had to get that off my shoulders a bit! But I’ve been assured that

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Eat the Seasons | August

We are closing in on the tail end of summer now that August is in full affect. Crazy to imagine, right? A lot of your kids will be going back to school soon. If you didn’t get that great summer vacation in, while the kids were on break, you’re thinking of ways to make it even more epic next year. Though we don’t have kids, I owe Adam and our dogs

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Eat the Seasons | April

Wow, can you believe it’s already April? The months are racing by and we are headed straight into a potentially hot summer. The weather has already hit 90 degrees this week, here in the South Bay. I know some of you out there love the heat, my husband included, but I’m not really one of them. I need that perfect 75 degrees to maintain a happy composure. I guess I will need

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