Who We Are

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve stopped on by. We have a lot of fun around here – creating; throwing it down in the kitchen; gallivanting around the world in search of all of the beautiful and unique things these lands possess; and doing just about anything that involves creativity and design. It’s the chance for us to let loose, explore our inner creative, and open up about the things that make us tick.

As a past chef, my heart and soul still beats for all things food and so you might say that’s our specialty here. We will cook and drink just about anything we love! It may be healthy one day and another day loaded with butter. We believe in moderation… unless it’s wine… but life is too short not to indulge once in a while.

I’ve always been fascinated by humanity’s creative spirit. There’s so much beauty in this world and a lot of us go through life never taking it in. I never want to say I’ve yet to watch the vibrant colors of a sunset or splashed a few coats of paint on a clean canvas or spoiled myself with an out-of-this-world bottle of wine or created with no abandon or to see places in this world I can only dream exist.

I want this blog to be a place where others are inspired every day to enjoy life just a little bit more. I want people to have fun with design and to go out with no regrets!


25 Things You Need to Know About Melissa

  1. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu
  2. Owned a coffee shop with my mom for a year in which I drank far too much coffee, never slept, but met some incredible people
  3. One of those individuals I met at my coffee shop was the most amazing guy ever and a year later married him
  4. I discovered my passion for graphic design after owning the coffee shop – I found myself spending a lot of time designing product and marketing materials
  5. I am absolutely, beyond obsessed with Sushi
  6. I’m mortified by meatloaf – Yuck!
  7. I’m not a fan of the heat! 7 years in Charleston, SC were brutal…let me tell you!
  8. As you may have noticed by a lot of my blog posts, I really like wine!
  9. I’m left handed
  10. I used to be in karate growing up, and yes, I did get my black belt
  11. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I start playing Holiday music the day after Thanksgiving – sometimes earlier if I need inspiration for a Holiday design project
  12. My two small dogs are my life, my husband is my rock
  13. I have two amazing brothers that I couldn’t be more proud of!
  14. My favorite way to relax is with red wine and cheese on the deck
  15. I don’t like tight things around my waist – strange, I know
  16. I like fast cars and big trucks
  17. After living in the South, I developed a love for Country Music
  18. Had braces when I was young to remove the gap in my front teeth. After a year of the braces being off, I lost my retainer and the gap returned.  Sorry mom and dad!!
  19. My life-long dream is to adopt children from all over the world
  20. I have a bad habits of saying the worst things at the wrong time
  21. I tend to worry a lot
  22. Lived in Utah for a year while cooking. One of my most cherished parts of my life.
  23. I’m afraid of swimming in the ocean
  24. I can’t live without a good pair of leggings, boots and a comfy sweater
  25. I was homeschooled for my high school years